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Easy DIY Starburst Mirror Made From Popsicle Sticks

DIY Popsicle Stick Mirror

Need to fill an empty space on the wall? Check out this DIY Popsicle Stick Mirror! One trip to the dollar store and you will have most the supplies for this project. You will need to purchase a 5-inch mirror (found at Dollar Tree), a package of popsicle sticks (found at Dollar Tree), a piece of wire or string for hanging, glue sticks, and a hot glue gun. In an afternoon you could complete this project and have it hanging on your wall in no time! For the full instructions, visit 31 DIY. I … [Read More...]

Style Ideas

DIY Rubber Band Necklace

Would you take a look at these necklaces! They are made completely of colored rubber bands! Very economical and stylish! This would be a perfect gift for your friends and family! You can try mixing up the rubber bands to make the necklace less … [Read More...]

Family Fun

Popsicle Bird Feeders

This craft is one that I actually did last summer at a science camp. We used it as an art project for ages 6-12. I would say that it worked really well and the kids had fun the whole time! For directions on how to put this feeder together, visit … [Read More...]