Home Decor

DIY Lamp Made From Plastic Spoons

Want a great repurposing project? Check this out! This lamp is made from a large water bottle and plastic spoons. Instead of throwing that plastic bottle away, they made good use of it as home decor! Great idea! The tutorial for this project, can be found at Future Now Magazine. I love that the lamp is white, but some people might want a little more color. Try using an acrylic paint color of your choice to give a little more pop. You will need to break the spoons and paint them one-by-one. … [Read More...]

Style Ideas

DIY Rubber Band Necklace

Would you take a look at these necklaces! They are made completely of colored rubber bands! Very economical and stylish! This would be a perfect gift for your friends and family! You can try mixing up the rubber bands to make the necklace less … [Read More...]

Family Fun

DIY Paper Plate Ring Toss

I am all about making inexpensive toys with items found around the house. Why spend any money at Wal-Mart for a toy your kids are going to play with for a couple of weeks? This is something they can make themselves and if they tear it up-NO BIGGIE! … [Read More...]